Local Schools in Cobb County

Whether you have children, are planning for them, or simply want a good investment, local education can play a huge role when searching for your new home.

The Cobb County School District operates under the core values of achievement, integrity, creativity/innovation, and accountability. They believe that successful schools are a foundation of community stability, growth and prosperity. They cultivate a positive environment where students are provided a pathway for success, and focus on what is best for them. The CCSD is the 2nd largest school system in Georgia and the 23rd largest in the country with almost 113,000 students. Their aspirations to the highest level of excellence can be seen in their 22 National Blue Ribbon Schools and 56 Georgia Schools of Excellence.

Academics in Cobb County

Cobb County Schools consistently score above state and national averages in testing and assessments. They received a score of 80.5 on the 2016 Georgia College and Career Ready Performance Index, 6.9 points higher than the state average. The class of 2016 posted an average score of 1560 on the SAT, 61 points higher than the state average and 36 points higher than the national average. This was also the 11th straight year the students made record-high scores on the ACT, including 10 perfect scores. The Cobb County School District graduation rate rose to 84% this year, part of a 6 year upward trend.

The Cobb County School District also has a magnet program of 6 high schools for students who demonstrate exceptional potential in a specific area and may benefit from a specialized program. This allows students to develop their talents, interests, and competencies beyond the scope of the typical high school curriculum. They currently have programs in International Studies, Math, Science and Technology, Research and Medical Sciences, Performing Arts, and an International Baccalaureate Program.

Music, Arts, Sports, & Extracurriculars

However, it is not only in academics where Cobb County Schools excel. They offer a variety of music, fine arts, sports and other extracurricular activities at all grade levels. NAMM Foundation &American Music Conference named Cobb among the best communities for music education 12 times. There are more than 200 state and national Invitational Band, Chorus and Orchestra Concert Performances, as well as the Pebblebrook High School magnet program for specialized instruction in voice, drama and dance. Fine Arts instruction is offered at all grade levels, including advanced courses. Student artists consistently place at local, state, and national art shows and competitions. They collaborate with community artist and local museums and exhibits. Cobb County Schools also have sports and other extracurricular activities for all grade levels and interscholastic athletic programs for high school students. Sports teams and student groups have won accolades at the state, regional and national levels.

Overall, Cobb County Schools are an asset to the children, the community, and the value of your home. Contact us today to let us help you find a home near your favorite Cobb schools or Search homes by school here.

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